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Nea Fokea

Halkidiki Nea FokeaNea Fokea is situated at a distance of 78km from Thessaloniki airport and is a popular tourist destination in Chalkidiki (Halkidiki).In fact it is the most popular village of  the first finger of Chalkidiki. It is located on the peninsula of Kassandra.It is a ideal place for vacations.The tourists can enjoy the golden sandy beaches,the clear blue waters.

It is located on the seaside and has an intense tourist and financial development due to large, organized tourist hotels, beautiful beaches and friendly people.

The distance from Thessaloniki airport is 50 minutes and you can choose for your transfer a vehicle type like taxi, minivan, mini bus and bus.  undertakes your transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Nea Fokea in halkidiki  with comfort safety and reliability.  Our experience, the high quality of our services combined with our luxury vehicles (taxi, minivan) and the low cost charge offer a comfortable safe journey. Book your airport picks up now and start your holidays without stress and at the lower cost.

Transfers Type


Private Car Service

1-4 Passengers

from : 70€


Minivan Service

1-8 Passengers

from :95€


Minivan + Τaxi

Up to 12 Passengers

from :100€


2 Minivans

Up to 16 Passengers

from :110€


Locations to Book

Dimitra apartments-,- Eden Hotel -,- Hotel Alexandros -,- Hotel Kiwi -,- Hotel Zeus -,- Kiwi Castle -,- LaMirage apartments -,- Villa Madeleine -,- Villa Apostolou

How to Book Accommodation that is not in the List

  1.    Select both date and time of Departure.
  2.     Select Pick up location “City Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki Airport”.
  3.     Choose Nea Fokea  for Drop off location.
  4.     Insert the Number of passengers (including Children).
  5.    Choose either one-way transfer  or return  transfer.
  6.    Choose the vehicle you want.
  7.    Add your extra items (such as luggage etc.).
  8.    Proceed to check out finally
  9.    Write on the “billing details” form  at  the “Additional Informations” your location address and other informations likewise the Name of Hotel .

The prices of the hotels or locations  in the same village  are the same