Daily Tour to Vergina Veria

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Daily Tour to Vergina Veria

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Daily Tour to Vergina Veria

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South of Aliakmonas river is Aigai Macedonians’ first capital city, whose name means “the place with many goats”. In 1977 took place one of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time. The city of the ancient Aigai, the first capital of the Macedonian, came to light. The wealth of the findings is incalculable .So, as a result that their territory Macedonian kings, the place of Philip and Alexander, of Eurydice and the Olympics, is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 World Heritage.

In the middle of the 7th c. e.g. Aigai becomes the cradle of the Temenids, the dynasty which will reign for three and a half centuries in Macedonia and humanity will get to know Phillipos II and Alexander the Great. Therefore, Aigai is the start point that will change the history of Greece and the world.


Traditional neighborhoods worth visiting.
In the middle of the 19th century, Veria had 16 ‘mahalades’ small neighborhoods. During the Ottomans’ occupation, the shops were concentrated in Byzantine purchase, at the bazaar. The most famous neighborhoods, from those that survive in Nowadays, it is Jewish and Christian.

Traditional district of Kyriotissa
The Orthodox district of Kyriotissa, full of Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches with magnificent ceramic decoration and high art hagiographies, impresses with its labyrinthine cobbled streets and mansions (it stands out Sarafoglou mansion) with its special architectural style. Many of them listed houses have been restored and converted into spaces leisure.

Traditional Jewish district of Barbuta
The district, one of the most important Jewish communities in the world, is located next to the Barbuta site which owes its name to a fountain in
area which is preserved to this day. Among its imposing alleys stands out the stone building of the old Jewish Synagogue with rich and ornate interior decoration. The Jewish Synagogue in its current form It was built in 1850 and is the oldest synagogue in Northern Greece one of the oldest in Europe. Today it continues to operate from time to time as a place of worship, a living monument to the timeless presence of the Jews in the city.

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