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Daily Tour to Pella Edessa Pozar

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Daily Tour to Pella Edessa Pozar

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Pella, a small town on the shores of Thermaikos Gulf, has become the capital Macedonia at the end of the 5th c. e.g. . It became the most important political, economic and cultural center of all Greece. The choice of location of the new capital was probably of the desicion by King Archelaus mainly for political and economic reasons abd due to the fertility of the location. It was close to the new territories that had been annexed to the Macedonian kingdom.
But most of all , it was coastal, providing easy access to all directions. That helped both the development of trade as well as the expansionist policy of the Macedonian kings. The key point of the city’s economy has been the large market (the largest square market of the ancient of the Greek world), with the production laboratories and the shops of sale of ceramic products, metal objects, but also edible products channeled to the surrounding areas.
The residential part of the city was around the market. Its road construction of Ancient Pella was very contemporary for those years: building blocks, which defined by roads intersecting vertical, well-studied systems water supply and sewerage! Its inhabitants could could be proud to have lived in a city- ahead of its time. The two-storey private houses with peristyles reflect the wealth and prosperity of the ancient inhabitants of Pella. The reference point is the mosaic floors with the mythological representations exhibited in the new Archaeological Museum of Pella, such as its capture Eleni, the Amazon War, the hunt for a deer!


The main attraction of tourists is the uniquely beautiful city of Edessa with the largest waterfall in all the Balkans. The only images of infinite natural beauty are those created by the “Karanos” waterfall with the waters of Edessaio potamos, falling from a height of 70 meters! But Edessa is not only the waterfalls. The “Varosi” district, a district with traditional architecture, paths, museums and many other surprises, can travel you in the past and that is fascinating. With only 5€ you can get the Edessa City Card that ensures you free entry to the rest of its attractions apart from the waterfalls park:

– Outdoor Water Museum


Aquarium A unique exhibition of natural history with amphibians, reptiles and birds in one old watermill.

– Flavor of Tastes
An old watermill brings to life the history of sesame and the valuable value of the Mediterranean diet and the Greek

-Material of 5 Sensible Waters
The water, the human senses and the history of Edessa come to life in one old watermill highlighting the value of water in human civilization.
In the same area there is a wonderful collection of rocks

-Loggos – Old classic Edessa

-Varosi – Folklore Museum
The Macedonian Edessa at the beginning of the 20th century, the cycle of life of mankind and traditional professions from a previous era.

-Varosi – Byzantine Temple (Old Diocese)
-Varosi – Edessa Sports Museum
-Loggos – Ancient Classical Edessa
The only archeological site in the plain of Edessa that highlights the
continuity of the city in time as a city of water and cherries.
-Edessa Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool for All, Games, Learning, Events The Municipal Swimming Pool of Edessa is located in the area of ​​Kioupri and has 2 swimming pools


At a distance of 100 km away from Thessaloniki are the Baths of Loutraki. They are widely known as Pozar Almopias. This is a place with rich vegetation, natural harmony and many special beauties: one A gorge has been created in a rocky mountain. There flows river “Toplitsa” , forming small at the shores. The thermal river is created by water that comes from six sources and it is famous for its healing effects. The springs gush in altitude 360-390 meters and are created by rainwater that it penetrates the ground, reaches great depth, and after heating it rises higher enriched with minerals and other beneficial ingredients. There are individual baths, indoor group pools and an outdoor Olympic-sized pool a specially designed plateau parallel to the river for the visitors. Special beauty Natural waterfalls along the with thermal water where the visitor can take a bath provide a picturesque scene. Walks, mountaineering and other sports activities are allowed thanks to the bridges and the paths that have been formed. Some of them end up in the caves that surround the village and constitute the first speleological park in Greece.

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